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Miles Away | Anywhere

Long since the day I last saw your face, the distance between gets a little hard to bear sometimes. Can’t seem to keep my two feet on the ground, constantly wandering. These are the ties that bind. Ink in the skin to remind, so defined. Never healed, and never out of mind. You are always by my side. Maps drawn by hand to direct, so complex, lead the day when we’re far apart. Seas may divide, mountains block our view. So far out of sight, you are always in my thoughts. Seas may divide, mountains block our view. You are always in my thoughts. And though we are so far apart, you are always here in my heart. I’m singing this song for you, you mean so much. You opened my eyes, opened my mind, you changed the world for me. Singing this song, writing these words for you. I hope you’ll hear, I hope you’ll know. I hope you know.  And as the sun it sets today, your star will always lead the way, anywhere. And though we’re always far apart, you’re present here in my heart, everywhere.

(via onwardprogress)